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Professional matchmaking agency. Interview with Marina Morskaya

Professional matchmaking agency. Interview with Marina Morskaya

The founder of the legalized matchmaking agency Soul Spring, or as the people call it “European certified matchmaker in Ukraine” shared her unique experience in dating in Ukraine and professional matchmaking service. Who can be trusted, and how to find your beloved partner online. How relevant are real meetings, whom singles are looking for and what is alternative to the online dating sites – everything is as frank as possible.

– Marina, how did you get the idea to open a matchmaking agency Soul Spring? Even if the reputation of other agencies is not perfect.

– It all happened when the Universe “pushed me against the wall” and showed what to do. It started my serious matchmaking agency when I tried to “connect” my lonely female friends to men. I travel often and meet foreigners all the time. Acquaintances grew into friendship, and they told me that they would like to meet theSlavic women. So my lonely friends found their soulmates, some have already married.

– What is your advantage over other dating agencies in Ukraine?

– It is very easy. To be the best in this field it is enough, to be honest. Firstly, we have interviews with every man and lady. Because we need to see that the photos correspond to this person. Secondly, the selection of the pair takes place according to your wishes and preferences. For example, if you indicated the age of a man 35-40, we will show profiles of men in the range of this age. Thirdly, we sign a Non-disclosure agreement with each party. It states that the legalized matchmaking agency Soul Spring takes on the responsibility of keeping personal information and not distributing it to third parties or other sites. Since we have businessmen, diplomats, politicians, and others. Many of them do not want to “appear.” And this is normal.

– I agree this is a professional approach for serious matchmaking agency like Soul Spring.

– This approach is also convenient because you do not need to sort out and look for a decent man or women on online dating sites. Because the photo is one thing, but in real life it may be different. At the legalized matchmaking agency Soul Spring, we initially filtered the “wrong ones” and left only smart, dignified and trusted men and women.

– Marina, why do you think dating in Ukraine is becoming more and more online?

– Well, because in some European countries it is already indecently to meet on the street or in a restaurant. Yes, and it happens. Then, online is a safe zone for everyone. Imagine that a man of 10 years was married, divorced, and lost the ability to get acquainted. He does not want to be refused, everyone has his own reactions to this. So it turns out that many people choose online dating sites or come to us.

– Who can contact you to find a couple? Are there any restrictions?

– Ladies from 25 to 65 years can contact us, men are mostly 30 to 65 years old. A country or city does not matter. Because our Slavic women and gentlemen live in many countries. For example, our ladies mainly from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, etc. Men mainly from European countries or from the USA.

– And if you are contacted by a woman or a man with children or divorced, do you accept those?

– Sure! You can’t even imagine how smart, beautiful, cool Slavic women with children are. We have many couples who have children. Children are part of life, and you need to be proud of it. Foreign men are very kind and caring for other people’s children, especially if they don’t have their own. Therefore, I always tell clients: “Everything happens in life! Therefore, believe in what will make your life better. ”

– Does it happen when two people did not match? What to do then?

– Yes, sometimes. According to our statistics, 90% of the couples match, the remaining 10% don’t. It is normal. Sometimes what we think doesn’t match what we want. We had a case when a man thought he wanted to find a lady, but in the end, it turned out that he was not yet ready for a relationship. It also happens with ladies.

Which advice would you give to ladies before contacting a serious matchmaking agency?

– As a certified matchmaker in Ukraine, I believe and feel the pain of everyone who has been fooled by other agencies. But let’s not look at the world through a filter of negative experience. After all, you can look at your pan all the time, or you can raise your head and look around. Life is more than a pan. While some doubt, others meet and build happy relationships. Your life is only your choice! Therefore, where to start – with the decision to change your life for the better!

– Are there any popular requests among men and women? Whom are you looking for?

– I am surprised by how much we receive different requests. If before I tried to sort everything into groups, now it’s pointless to do it. For example, the most popular requests from women: “I want to live by the sea, can you find for me a good man who lives there”; “I’m interested in meeting a Ukrainian”;  “I’m interested in meeting only a foreigner”; “I want to meet only European man”; “ oh, you know, I want to get acquainted only with a Turkish man, don’t offer others ” etc. .. It’s easier to work with men for me. They know whom they’re looking for, men are less emotional and more reasonable. They sent such requests: “I want to find a kind, caring and feminine Ukrainian woman”; “I am looking for Ukrainian woman over forty with children”; “I’m searching a Ukrainian woman to create a family”. It once again shows that each person needs an individual approach. It is our advantage: each client (no matter man or woman) is a separate book where you need to read every page, with interest and admiration.

– Which skills help you to manage your team and help solve the needs of your clients successfully?

– For myself, here is a top skill that is tested by experience and time. The first – in this business, the most important thing is to love people and be interested in them. People love it when they are loved. Imagine for a moment that you are sitting opposite a person who is not interested in you, but nods his head. It is unpleasant, and you want to leave such a meeting. Therefore, sincerity comes first here. The second – the company, the employees have goals for the week, month, six months, and a year. There should always be the main vector. Otherwise, if the ship is sailing in one direction, then in the other, it will get lost in the ocean. Third, when there is a problem, all team is here to find a solution together. Thus, the team becomes friendly, and believe me: one head is good, and ten is even better. The fourth skill is to predict the next step of the client. It is difficult but interesting. The fifth is honesty. When a man realizes that we are doing our best to find a good couple, he will bring five more new customers. For us, the recommendation from our customers is the highest level of professionalism.

– The relations between people require at least a good knowledge of psychology. Where did you get your knowledge?

– That’s right, at least the relations between people requires first of all knowledge of yourself, psychology, relations in general. I believe that you need to study the psychology of relationships from its founders. Few people know that, for example, Virginia Satyr is the greatest American family psychologist. She successfully conducted therapeutic sessions for couples who did not even know English. So I read all of her books, watched video interviews, and notes about her work. And now I am a member of The Virginia Satir Global Network. I studied all the work of Arkady Petrovich Egidas. I recommend that women read Nora Efron “I hate my neck and other thoughts on how to be a woman.” I know that many psychologists and doctors of psychological sciences are not at all well-known. But, these are precisely those sources where you need to take knowledge. Today’s psychology is only echoes of what has already been discovered and described. If we take the online dating, I am a certified matchmaker in Ukraine and received the diploma “Matchmaker certificate course” from IAP Career College. Now I am a member of the IAPO International Association of Professional Matchmakers. I am also a certified NLP master. All this knowledge helps in the best way to create happy and long-term relationships.

– Did the quarantine affect relations in general? After all, not everyone wants to wait for a real meeting for months …

– In fact, after quarantine, we are approached even more by men and women who want to find a partner. Because many were alone in their apartments, houses, and realized that they also want to have a soulmatewith whom they can share time, joy, love, care. People understood the value of real meetings and acquaintances, and more people are ready to meet offline. About the long months of waiting, this is the couple’s first test of serious intent. We have 7 pairs that matched before the quarantine. During this time, the couples became close, argued several times, and now they bought tickets, and they were waiting for a real meeting.

– Perhaps someone was already interested in your project. How people can approach you?

– Yes, I have many requests from men and women who are requesting a professional matchmaking service in finding a partner. This is an ongoing process. After all, as soon as the couple is matched, then surely he or her friends come to me who need to find a panther as well. With each interested person, I conduct a 30-minute consultation, where a man or a woman indicates their wishes and expectations. After which we decide together whether to collaborate further or not. You can write to or go to and leave a request in the “Contact Us” section. Once again I want to say that our professional matchmaking service in Soul Spring is an additional tool in finding a partner, another key to a new door.


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