Privacy Policy

Confidentiality is one of the success foundations at the matchmaking. The client’s privacy protection is organized at the highest level in our Agency. All employees, customers and third parties are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. We respect and value our members’ privacy.


Privacy Policy

We are not an online dating agency. Our method is based exclusively on working offline. Fill out the form, choose the profiles that suit you, we can all do it online, but then a real meeting will definitely follow. All information that you transmit to the Agency during the entire period of your membership is confidential and can be used within the organization only. Our site does not contain your personal information. We rely only on each candidate’s surveys to get the most complete person character picture.

Our clients do not have access to view each other’s profiles. All introduces and performances are organized only by our professional consultants. We never post your photos or any information with anyone. Our clients and members trust us. Privacy is protected.

All your data will be stored in strict confidence. You can be secure that your details will never be available to third parties.